Retail Door to Door Customers:

Jeezan is a known Door to Door package and freight service provider in Kuwait local community especially among expatriates from all over the world who moved to Kuwait and set up their business, employed or undertook short term projects. These are Western population mainly from US, Europe and Asian/ Far East immigrants from India Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia.

Courier Services:

They approach Jeezan for emergency package services ( courier), as over the counter of any reputed International Courier company charge them high while Jeezan courier service rates are affordable due to its long standing regular arrangement with the leading courier companies like FED EX, DHL, UPS , Aramex and So on.

Cargo Services:

They also approach Jeezan to forward their favourite house hold materials and gifts to their friends and family back home. They can send any quantity Door to Door without having head ache of paper work and clearing in their home country. Jeezan can accept break bulk shipment do the consolidation for sea freight, at the end destination its reliable and long standing networks take care the cargo is delivered intact.

Bulk Shipments Port to Port:

Jeezan cargo offers container load shipment by Ocean Freight and bulk shipment by air to any destination in the world (except Israel) from Kuwait.

Jeezan special trading package:

Jeezan also undertake enhanced business services as a value added logistics solution to it’s corporate clients based in other Middle East and Asia countries. Today International Trading has gone up a long way where Jeezan client can order a shipment from a third party situated in another country and deliver to its client in Kuwait at their door stop. Jeezan can also handle commercial and payment process documents for and on behalf of the client.

Jeezan Expertise:

Quality hassle free economic and reliable service standards delivered by Jeezan is due to its expertise attained through years of experience of providing tailor made right solution to it’s clients. For the traders it offers competitive edge where their trade details remain (like source of material) confidential while economically they can do away from having direct person/or office present in the location.

Where Jeezan will be of help:

Always our customers get the edge!!!

1) A is an expatriate and possibly send one package a month or year. A can call up Jeezan and get best International courier rate than any Courier company.

2) A is an expatriate. A want to send 2 mattresses to Sri Lanka. Best solution is offered from Jeezan. Door to Door!!!

3) A is an expatriate, his employer terminated him. He has lot of house hold item to take back to Philippines. A can call up Jeezan. Jeezan will ensure that all his cargo is packed, dispatched and delivered A’s house in MANILA!!!

4) A is professional oil company technician from California. A completed his assignment in Kuwait and moves to Saudi Arabia. A can rely on Jeezan to move his goods as per his time constraints by air/land.

5)A is a trading company in India. A bids KNPC. Win the bid. The material is from US. A order material to US company. US company delivers material to Jeezan. Jeezan delivers to KNPC as per A’s instruction labeling the goods. Jeezan submit the invoice of A physically to KNPC.

6)A is a company in Texas. A want to deliver 50 percent of its container load to Iraq. 50 percent to Kuwait 2 company. A can entrust the work to Jeezan. Jeezan receives the cargo in Kuwait, split the cargo as per A’s instruction and delvers as per requirement!!!!

7)A is company in Singapore, buys shipload of bitumen from Kuwait. A may buy exworks and entrust Jeezan to take care of complete logistics including chartering shipload.

8)A is a trading company just started in Kuwait. A is having no local knowledge of Kuwait customs or special requirement of food laws to import or DGR shipments. A can rely on